• Orthodontic Pliers

    TC sharp inserted beak fits under the adhesive remaining on the tooth for easy removal. Pads are suitable for high heat sterilization. TC sharp point is adjustable also .

    Detailling / Step Plier is double-sided intraoral plier to apply quick step up or step down without removing the wire . Max. .021x.028 SS , TMA & braided wire . This is available for 1mm step and 1.5mm step . Hard tip is made with grade S.S. 440 C

    Designed to fabricate precise bends and loops with longer nose . Max. .020 SS. TMA.

    One piece design of the double tip for maximum strength. Great for bending V-Bends extraorally or for retainer adjustments .

    Designed to bend NITI wires permanently. Tiny head enable intraoral adjustments. Max. .019x.025 NITI, .018 SS.

    Narrow tips 3mm wedges between the bracket base and the tooth surface to lift the bracket with no stress. May be used mesio-distally or occluso-gingivally. Tips are adjustable / replace . This plier is also wider tip 4mm available .

    Bends down the distal extension of arch wire protruding past the buccal tube. Unique contra-angle design allows for easy intraoral access.

    All you need to fabricate retraction loops. 2mm, 3mm, 4mm & 5mm vertical loops. Works with round and rectangular wires. TC joint tips .

    Apply buccal or lingual torque to any individual tooth . Max .021 x.028 SS, TMA

    Apply buccal or lingual torque to any individual tooth .

    Ideal for bending square and rectangular wires. Use this plier to make step up, step down, apply positive or negative torque, etc. Blades are parallel when opened to .020" . Max. .021"x.028" SS.

    20 degree angled tip for maximum comfort. Convenient at working. Smaller tip for easier access to hard to reach areas. Available in long handle also .